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I am organizing and cleaning up my research papers (until quite recently that was difficult for reasons related mostly to my health). The papers under "Working papers" are cleaner and more organized, some are cleaned up versions of parts of either "Work in progress" or "Old papers." The papers under "Work in progress" are less clean and are indicative of what I have been thinking about in the recent years. After my publications, I have included "Old papers" category.

Working papers

“Robust Efficient Decision Rules,”


Robust efficient decision rules are not (ex post) Pareto dominated within the set of decision rules that satisfy some robust notion of incentive compatibility and other relevant constraints. Examples include public and private goods.

"Optimal robust bilateral trade: bid-ask spread,"


An example of an optimal robust bilateral trading mechanism where there is a bid-ask spread in some trading events.

"Scheduling Auctions and Proto-Parties in Legislatures,"

with Jonathan N. Katz, 2016, revise and resubmit at the International Economic Review.

Nascent party structures, proto-parties, result from scarcity of plenary time in legislatures, which impacts both, the outcome of the legislative bargaining process and the organization of the legislature.

"Asymmetric Legislative Bargaining,"

2016, submitted.

In the Baron and Ferejohn legislative bargaining model, assuming unequal discount factors and recognition probabilities, under minor parameter restrictions, the unique stationary subgame perfect Nash equilibrium has a simple closed form solution.

"Robustness and Efficiency,"


The notion of ex post constrained efficiency is appropriate for efficiency considerations in environments where a desideratum is robustness to informational specification.